Things to do in Baltimore - December 2013

Local Attractions in Baltimore

Baltimore is an amazing city and if you have lived here long, then you know all too well that there is a lot it has to offer. This December is no different and for those of you with children, the city is alive with wonderful activities and shows that will stimulate the imagination and enrich your kid’s lives.

Attractions in Baltimore - Maryland ZooMaryland Zoo

As everyone in local Baltimore may well know, the Maryland Zoo has so much to offer our kids these days that it is hard to keep up. Keeping in line with it’s breakfast series that has been going since June, having breakfast with the animals allows young people of all cultures to learn and more importantly, grow fond of and have respect for animals. Not to mention have a very lasting, happy memory in the process.

Christmas LightsAttractions in Baltimore - Christmas Lights

For those of you moving to Hampden, the 700th block of 34th street comes alive every year over the holidays with an amazing array of
Christmas lights and dazzling characters. Every year this ongoing event puts a local emphasis on the Christmas 34
th Street fascination that brings visitors not just from Hampden, but all around the region to share in the excitement of the Christmas holidays.

Moving to Baltimore?

Is there anyone out there that lives around the Inner Harbor? How about those of you who are moving there? Did you know about the Christmas Village in Baltimore Market? Some of us have just heard about and we want you to know as well. It runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and has an amazing assortment of wooden vendor booths that give you the real feel of a German market at Christmas time. Children and adults alike can enjoy this wonderful holiday treat!

Also, adults, don’t miss out on the Holiday Open House with Great Shoals Winery on the first day of winter (12/21/13). It is a great opportunity for anyone local to Baltimore to come and taste wine and cider for a joyous winter occasion!




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