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It’s Baltimore ComicCon! “The Greatest Comic Book Convention” starts September 5th and runs through September 7th -- three big days of comics, cosplay, collectibles, and much, much more. Movies and gaming will be on display, but Baltimore ComicCon is first and foremost about the comics! So attention comic book vendors, shop owners, and other exhibitors. Advance Relocation is the premiere comic book and collectible mover in Baltimore!

Comic Book Art Movers


Temperature Controlled Sensitive Moving for Comics and Collectibles

When it comes to comics and collectibles, it’s all about condition. Mint, still in package, and fifty years old? Don’t trust just anyone, call the fine art moving specialists at Advance Relocation! Life size Darth Vader statue? Advance Relocation! Ten thousand graded comics? Advance Relocation! Using our temperature controlled specially trained and equipped collectible moving services is like pulling up to ComicCon in the moving world’s Batmobile. This is moving in style. Perfect condition guaranteed.

What about the actual event?

Get your tickets today to meet dozens of the biggest names in comics, and attend The Harvey Awards for a special dinner and awards celebration honoring some of the industry’s greatest luminaries. But perhaps the best of any ComicCon is the cosplay!  We can’t wait to see Baltimore come alive with a dizzying array of comic book, movie, and gaming icons.

Who are we cosplaying as?  The Flash!  Who better to symbolize getting from one place to another quickly and without effort?

Get your tickets for Baltimore ComicCon, and don’t forget to call Advance Relocation Systems for all of your specialized comic book and collectibles moving needs! 

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