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So your career requires you to relocate.  You’re probably familiar with the relocation benefits your company provides.  But, do you know how those benefits compare to the national average?

As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, we have access to valuable up-to-date information. For forty-seven years, Atlas asked corporate traffic managers to submit detailed surveys about corporate relocation benefits.  The policies and practices studied by Atlas are a great way to understand how your company stacks up to the rest. This information is also a valuable insight for corporations that would like to create a relocation program of their own.

Atlas has compiled their findings into a handy infographic!  There’s a wealth of information that’s useful for anyone facing corporate relocation, and we highly recommend taking a look.  Here are a few of our favorite facts and statistics from the full study:

  • 96% of companies will pay for a percentage of an employee’s relocation expenses, and 50% will cover the entire cost of your move
  • 40% of companies make special allowances for moving exercise equipment, but only 25% make special allowances for pets
  • 12% of companies will pay to move a boat
  • 41% of companies will pay for career placement services for your spouse
  • 45% of all companies ask some employees to move, and 74% of companies with over 5,000 employees ask some employees to relocate abroad
  • 31% of companies ask employees for a decision on a relocation offer in one week or less
  • 70% of companies with less than 500 employees read HR Magazine


For more information, check out the full infographic:



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