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Some might say we’re bragging when we claim to be the best Baltimore moving company.  We prefer to think of it as a promise.  Our dedication to moving excellence starts with our extensive range of services.  Our specialized transportation services include moving fine art, museum exhibitions, wine collections, electronics, and store fixtures.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re transporting priceless antiques or an old couch.  We bring the same level of professionalism to homeowners and major corporations.

Here are the top three reasons to trust Advance Relocation Systems over any other Baltimore movers.

1.  Specialized Trucks

As an agent of Atlas Van Lines, Advance Relocation provides state-of-the-art transportation vehicles including everything you need to get your possessions from point A to point B without a scratch.  Ramps and hydraulic lifts, straps and dollies, and more industry leading technology means your valuables stay as valuable as ever.

2.  Temperature and Humidity Control

Fine art pieces and even full exhibits provide a moving challenge that few companies can match.  Priceless paintings and timeless relics can be damaged not just by bumps and drops, but also by temperature, humidity, and UV light.  That’s why Advance Relocation Systems is equipped with temperature and humidity control and UV protection.  Controlled moving conditions are just another reason why we’re the best Baltimore moving company—a claim no other company can touch.

3.  Highly Trained Personnel

If our sensitivity to fine art pieces and delicate exhibits doesn’t convince, our experience with important electronics may be more compelling.  We routinely relocate computers, medical equipment, precision machine tools, and high tech instruments for aeronautics.  These highly sensitive electronics are assured a smooth ride through full air-ride suspension tractor-trailer vehicles. Packing and moving preparation is handled by highly trained personnel with the technique centered experience to match our state of the art technology.  There isn’t a better moving crew in Baltimore. Whether you’re relocating a company or just moving to a new house, you can trust our personnel to get your moving done professionally and in a timely manner.

The Best Baltimore Moving Company for Any NeedBaltimore Movers

Handling the most sensitive of objects with efficiency and care is our claim to fame at Advance Relocation Systems.  Whether you’re moving a wine collection, art, antiques, sensitive electronics, or your personal possessions, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Give yourself peace of mind and call the best Baltimore moving company. At Advance Relocation Systems, being the best isn’t a brag, it’s a promise.





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