Across Town and Down the Block

A lot of people think local moving is simple.

They say if you make a local move in your own town, or even to a nearby city in your state, you don’t need a professional mover.

However, such thinking disregards the “simplicity paradox.” In other words, things that look simple are often far more complex than they appear. Take swinging a golf club, for example. It’s so easy that anyone can do it. But doing it well, time after time, is an entirely different matter.

So it is with local moving. Even going a short distance can be fraught with pitfalls unless you know what to expect and are prepared to deal with it. I’ll touch on a few of the biggest dangers here—although there are others.

Atlas _Truck _Front _House

1. “Driving the truck” rhymes with “striving for luck.” It may look easy, but piloting a moving van or straight truck is far different from taking a drive in your pickup or SUV.  Turning, backing up, navigating traffic—it can all be dicey if you don’t have experience with bigger wheels. And while rental agencies try to keep their equipment safe and well maintained, how prepared are you to deal with a road hazard or mechanical failure? They happen. 

2. “No damage is no accident.” No one is more careful about handling your things than you are, so the thinking goes. But you should know that our professional local movers have more experience than you for packing things safely, for protecting floors and doorways and stairways during move out or move in, and for securing everything inside the truck so it doesn’t shift during transport.

3. “Don’t hurt yourself.” Lifting and moving bulky and heavy items comes with the potential for injury—pinched fingers or toes, sprains, and even hernias—unless you know what you are doing. Our local movers understand the mechanics of handling things safely. They do it day in and day out. They not only have the necessary tools (dollies, straps, jacks) but they know how to use them. It may not be rocket science, but it is science nonetheless, the physics of which are important to the safety of you and your things.

A common refrain of people who handle their own local moving is: “If I could do it over again, next time I would . . . .” But the common refrain of people who let Advance Relocation help them with their local moving is: “Thank you for thinking of that and handling it for us.” Yes, local moving may appear simple. But there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

If you have a local move coming up and want to work with a company that has the equipment and know-how to make your move a success, contact us or get a free moving quote today!



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