Is fine art moving? We think so.

Ever since man first sketched pictures of the hunt on cave walls some 40,000 years ago, human creativity has found expression in visual forms. The best of these, fine art, convey what words cannot . . . beauty, joy, hope, pathos. Fine artworks are visual treasures to be protected and preserved for posterity.  So, handling and transporting fine art is a big responsibility.  It takes skilled and careful hands.Truck _Store _Night _Shot

Over the years, our fine art moving professionals have transported all kinds of rare and valuable pieces. We’ve handled shipments of two- and three-dimensional artwork (paintings and sculptures) as well as artifacts and antiquities. We cater to museums, galleries, auction houses, private collectors, and traveling exhibits. 

Besides employing people who are skilled in handling delicate and sensitive items, we employ equipment that enables us to perform safely and securely.  Our fleet includes high-cube trailers (for extra capacity) with lift gates and oversize doors for safest loading and unloading, plus air ride suspension for ultra-smooth rolling during transit.

Our customers also look to us for temperature regulation and processes that control exposure to humidity, particulates, and UV radiation (sunlight). Our warehouse facilities, and those of our associates, add the assurance of security systems that keep fine art and collectibles safe from fire, smoke, and intrusion. 

Depending on the job, we may use dual-operator teams. This option offers added security and extra mileage, since one operator can rest while the other drives. On occasion, we employ armed guards and escorts by law enforcement personnel. One of the best security measures is discretion—a “low profile” that moves “under the radar” and does not draw attention to itself.

Sometimes our customers request that their representatives ride along during transportation. We are glad to oblige. On other occasions, we’ve assembled convoys of trailers to transport entire exhibits and large collections intact. We are meticulous about sequential loading and unloading to minimize handling and complete work in the most efficient manner.

Our skill for moving fine art applies to household moving, too. Most people don’t have Picasso or Renoir in their collections, but they do have framed artworks or other art objects.  These pieces are just as deserving of care as museum pieces are.  And we use many of the same techniques for crating and handling that apply to those priceless collections hanging in the Smithsonian. After all, we are all “moved by art.” Our job is to make sure “art is moved” with care that safeguards it today and for future generations.

We look forward to hearing about your fine art shipment. Please contact us today to discuss how Advance Relocation can help with your project. 



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