Is the price really right? What to know about moving quotes.

If you’re planning to move, no doubt you want to know: How much will it cost? The fastest way to get an answer is to take advantage of an instant moving quote. Most moving companies offer such moving quotes online via their web pages. (You can find ours here.)

Atlas representative giving in home moving estimateBe aware that all online moving quotes are the mover’s best guess. The industry term is “non-binding estimate.” It can get you in the ballpark, but sometimes the ballpark can be a pretty big place.

The cost of any move is primarily a function of the weight of the goods and the distance they must travel. Another factor is the work required to prepare things for transport, i.e., packing them, crating them, wrapping them and loading them securely in the moving van. For these reasons, all reputable moving companies will insist on knowing exactly what you intend to move before giving a firm price for services. This requires a representative of the company to come to your home and walk through, seeing everything firsthand.

A note of caution: If a moving company quotes you a guaranteed price over the phone without performing this essential step, cross them off your list.  There’s a good chance that either the price is unreasonably high, or they will not be able to perform the service you expect and will want more money before they deliver your goods. (Unfortunately, the moving industry is not immune to unscrupulous operators.)

It’s always a good idea to get competitive quotes. It is recommended to get three from reputable companies. Most movers have similar cost structures, so the prices are likely to be close. (Miser’s tip: If you move during the off-season, when the demand for moving services is low, you may save money compared to moving during the busy months of May through September.)

Getting competitive quotes gives you a chance to size up potential service providers, ask questions, and get a feel for doing business with them. Ask for customer references and then call and ask those customers how satisfied they were with the service they received.

As with most things in life, it’s not always the bottom line that determines the value. Let your intuition help you decide.

We’d like to help you get started with your move. Request an instant moving quote. Or contact us via email or phone (1-800-296-8950) to set up an in-home estimate.



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