Office Moves: What’s Your Plan?

One of my favorite old-school comics is a simple, five-letter word: THIMK. MAD Magazine came up with the idea for people who don’t ‘think’ actions through. People sometimes get so wrapped up in “doing” that they lose sight of the big picture. As any motivational speaker will tell you, “failing to plan,” is “planning to fail.”

This is especially true when it comes to commercial or office moving. On the surface, an office move may seem a simple proposition. And for smaller offices, it usually is. But when you talk about a suite of offices, or a building annex, or an entire campus, well . . . the complexity sort of increases exponentially. And the planning process is absolutely crucial. Here’s why:

Office Mover Packing Computer

In many respects, a business is a living, breathing entity. Its lifeblood is its people. Its health depends on their well-being, their productivity. When employees are not productive, the business suffers. It wastes energy. It spends funds unnecessarily. It loses money.

Any or all of the above can accompany a failure to plan for an office move. We approach every office move with a thorough understanding of the objectives, time requirements, human resources, and any special limitations or other factors affecting the move to prohibit such failures.

We don’t do this planning in a vacuum. Rather, we work in consultation with the business owners and/or managers. Often, they will designate a moving team to handle communications inside the organization and to help us facilitate the work we must do. Sometimes, instead of a team, one person will wear the decision-making cap. In any case, the company’s input is key to the plan and key to us carrying out the plan. 

The skills and techniques for moving an office are no big secret. The art of moving furnishings, files, computers, desks, records, and all the other things people use to conduct business is pretty straightforward. We use the same skills for wrapping, packing, protecting, and transporting as we do in just about any other move we perform. We also use some special carts and dollies that are more appropriate for commercial spaces. And, we often use lift gates instead of ramps for loading and unloading. The methods are pretty standard from mover to mover in this industry.

What does set our service apart, I think, is our artfulness in planning and the skill of our office movers. Their care in following the plan, and the systems we use to document and check our work. Before we pack a single carton or lift a single item, we THINK. If you want our office movers to make your relocation a successful one, contact us or get a commercial moving estimate today. 



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