A Toast to You and to Fine Wine Shippers

As we gather with family and friends during this festive season, many of us are sure to raise a glass. Some will undoubtedly break out our best bottle for the occasion. What better way to toast one another’s health and good cheer than with a fine wine? To you, dear reader, I offer this virtual salutation: May the reason for this season warm you inside and out, and may you find joy and peace throughout the coming year!Holiday Wine Shippers set up wine glasses

Over the years, it has been our privilege to handle wine shipping and wine collections for our customers. It’s a special honor to know that we are responsible for the safekeeping and transport of someone’s prized vintages. Wine represents more than just a delightful beverage. It’s an appreciation for good things in life— celebration, congeniality, and relaxation. While the value of a wine collection is measured in dollars, its intangible benefits are impossible to estimate. Who can put a price on laughter, on friendship, on romance?

Our wine movers treat each bottle of wine as a prize in itself, knowing its ultimate purpose is to someday fill a glass and impart its special gifts to another.  Accordingly, our wine shippers take extraordinary care for every aspect of the journey, from one cellar to the next. We remove the bottles and package them in carriers for safe transport. Our wine shippers take special care, particularly during warm weather, to ensure temperature controlled wine shipping keeps the wine within a desired temperature range. We unpack and place the bottles in the destination cellar, remove and recycle the packing materials. If you'd like, we can provide wine carrier cartons for you to keep. These wine boxes are heavy-duty cardboard containers that safely house a dozen bottles.

Often, we ship wine collections as part of our customers’ household goods move. If you have questions about the best practices of our wine shippers, or things you might prepare for wine shipping, contact us. Get a free estimate for having your bottles of champagne delivered for a New Year's toast. We’re ready to offer advice as well as the physical service to ensure your wine collection arrives safely for hours of enjoyment by you, family, and friends during the holidays. 



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