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By the time the final bell rings to dismiss school in May, the moving season is getting into full swing. Summer is the busiest time of year for relocation companies. Families are already completing instant moving quotes, scrambling to complete their move to Baltimore before school resumes in the fall.Couple watching moving company work after they got a instant online quote

Moving to Baltimore in the summer is a lot like visiting a popular restaurant at six in the evening. Without a reservation, you can expect a wait. But, if you call several weeks or even months in advance, you are guaranteed to be seated right away. Such is the value of planning ahead.

Our Baltimore movers are already helping people plan and schedule their local moves for the upcoming summer season. This is the best way we know to make sure the equipment and professionals needed for moving services are available when customers are ready.

Putting your move on the calendar gives you a definite time frame in which to plan and plenty of leeway to address all the tasks involved in relocating. Some of these can be pretty significant, such as selling your home. You may need to de-clutter your house, hold a moving sale, give things away, do some touch up to make your house ready to market. All of these take time, and planning well in advance gives you more time.

You can also use the time to get started on packing. Rather than wait until the week before the moving van is scheduled to arrive, you could start boxing up things you won’t need until after you get into your next home—things like books, linens, extra kitchen items, or knickknacks.

Now is a good time, too, to become familiar with your next neighborhood. Get acquainted with the places that affect quality of life—schools, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, library, post office, parks and recreational facilities. While you’re at it, ask your current medical providers to refer or recommend health care options in your new city. Get family members scheduled with a physician, dentist, optometrist, or other health care professionals to ensure continuity of care. The same holds true for your pet—make sure the vaccines are up to date and you have records.

Spring will be here almost before you know it, and summer is right on its heels. If you are contemplating a move, don’t wait until everyone else makes their moves, too. Contact Advance Relocation Systems today to schedule your summer move and be assured of timely service when you need it. Why not get started now with an instant online moving quote



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