Our Local Movers’ Resolution to You

By now, most of us have packed away the holiday decorations, finished off the leftovers, and bid farewell to 2016. It was quite a year—but I’ll leave the debate of how good or bad it was to you.Local movers in front of moving truck

Instead, I’m looking forward. And as I do, I’m offering a New Year’s resolution to you and to all whose lives our local movers may touch during 2017. This is actually two resolutions, both designed to strengthen the moving services you receive from our packers and movers, and from every associate of our long distance van lines.

1. Golden Rule for Moving Companies.

This one is so important, it should be at the top of the list for every business, not just for moving companies. Very simply, we want to treat you with the same level of service we would expect for our own families.  This means being considerate of your feelings, keeping you informed of what we do throughout your move, and preventing problems before they can occur. It means giving you the very best advice and guidance from start to finish, so your move is as smooth as it can be. It means doing all the things you expect—and earning your trust.

2. Good Listening with Moving Services.

We believe we can do the best for your move when we fully understand your expectations for relocation services. In particular, we want to know your special concerns. Maybe you are worried about the timing of your move, about how the demands of your job can work with a moving schedule. Maybe you are concerned about storage, where you will keep everything while you are in temporary housing. Or maybe you have questions about just where to start with what looks to be a huge undertaking. We’re going to listen carefully to everything you tell us—and we’re going to ask questions to make sure we hear you correctly so our packers and movers can answer every concern.

Now, I must admit these two resolutions are not completely new. We already strive to fulfill them every day. But, this is a new year, and there’s no better time to take stock of our commitment to you and bring fresh resolve to our local movers' professionalism. I hope the coming year brings you and your family peace and blessings to share.



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