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An important part of our business over the years has been the moving of fine art—paintings, sculptures, statues, ceramic works, textiles—all kinds of visual works. We move artworks for individual families, for institutions (museums and galleries), and for traveling exhibitions. Whether gracing a wall in The Louvre or hanging over the fireplace in your home, a piece of fine art deserves utmost care.

In 2006, hedge fund owner Steven Cohen agreed to buy Picasso’s La Reve (The Dream) for $139 million from hotel magnate and art collector Steve Wynn. Before completing the sale, Wynn was showing the painting one last time to some friends when he accidentally hit it with his elbow and punched a hole in the canvas. Ouch. The sale fell through.


Obviously, protecting a canvas is a basic consideration for high-value paintings. When moving, proper crating prevents punctures and other defacements and safeguards the integrity of the frame and mounting. Our fine art movers provide custom crating to ensure the safety of unusual and uniquely-shaped items.

The environment can also be a factor for moving fine art—antiquities in particular. Our service provides controls for heat, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. We work closely with museums and registrars to comply with environmental guidelines, security requirements, departure schedules, and installation concerns.

In some cases, as in the transfer of a collection from one gallery to another, we may recommend the use of multiple van operators for uninterrupted transit. We can also assist with insurance, customs, and logistics solutions for national and international transportation.

Most fine-art moving takes place day-to-day for individuals and families. Some pieces may not carry a high market value, but their sentimental value is immeasurable. We treat each piece with the care and concern owners expect.

Here are a few words of advice if you intend to move fine art. Be aware of the value of your items and your coverage for them. Discuss the values with your mover, who can advise you on the kind of coverage he has available. If pieces have a high sentimental value, point it out and ask about the options for protecting them. Custom crating is an additional expense, but one you may wish to incur.

Our fine art movers are here to help, starting with advice. If you have questions about moving particular pieces, send us photos and we will discuss the best approach for preparation and provide an estimate for service. Click here to send us an email.



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