Summer Moving Tips

Maybe your family is planning a move this summer. You’re in good company. The weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known unofficially as the moving season. The kids are out of school and the weather is generally nice (at least it’s not freezing). Millions of families are on the way to their next home, making summer the most popular season of the year for moving.

Here are a few moving tips to make your summer move effortless:

  • Set the Schedule. Once you have decided to make a move, getting scheduled is a priority. Contact your mover to discuss timing and availability of services. Here at Advance Relocation Systems, we make every effort to accommodate you according to your preferred move dates. The sooner you notify us of your intentions, the sooner we can respond to create a moving timeline that works for you.
  • Lighten Your Load. Summer is not only good for moving—it’s a great time for a moving sale. In the weeks before your move, hold a yard sale or garage sale to lighten your load. By selling things you no longer need, you reduce your moving costs and put cash in your pocket. If you can’t sell it, make a donation and write it off as a charitable contribution.


  • Stay Cool. Physical work during the warmer months can be hazardous without proper preparation. When working in the heat, wear light clothing. Take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. Pace yourself and avoid lifting heavy items. Leave them to the professional movers—we have the tools and techniques to handle heavy things safely.
  • Dispose of Non-Allowable Items. There are some things movers cannot transport safely and we are prohibited from putting them on our moving trucks. Make plans to dispose of these “non-allowables” before moving day. Click here to learn more.
  • Make Moving Day Fun. When our movers and packers arrive on moving day, we’ll work in an orderly and efficient manner. It’s a good idea to have moving day activities planned for the kids so they won’t get bored. You might dedicate one of the bedrooms as the “Kids’ Fort” with games, movies and munchies. (Ask us about moving coloring books—a creative way to get kids into the spirit of moving.) If you have a pet cat or dog, keep them out of the way of the movers. Cats usually do this on their own—dogs may need some help.
  • First Things First. The best way to pack for moving is to pack items you will need upon arrival in a separate box—essential cooking supplies, toiletries, PJs, flashlight, pillows. Mark the carton “Open First” and have it loaded last so it is one of the first things to come off the moving truck at your new home.
  • Use a Checklist. No matter what time of year you move, planning is your best assurance of a hassle-free experience. To help you get a handle on the many tasks involved, Atlas offers a moving checklist. You likely already know most of these pointers, but you may see a few things you hadn’t thought of.

If you have questions about making a summer move, or would like to schedule a summer move with Advance Relocation Systems, let us know. We’ll help you get started with a free moving quote for service and scheduling.



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