What You Need to Know Before Moving to Baltimore

“O say can you see... how great life is in Baltimore?”

When moving to any city, there are things you ought to know before settling in. Things like where to find the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the gas station... who to call if you get a toothache or come down with the flu... and the locations of your school and preferred house of worship. You may also like to know where folks in your neighborhood go for fresh-brewed coffee, the best pizza, or the coldest beer.

Baltimore, MDOf course, you’ll find these and all the conveniences of modern living here in Baltimore. But you’ll also find a rich historical tradition. The city, a large Mid-Atlantic seaport, grew up as a hub for immigration, manufacturing, and transportation. The Star-Spangled Banner, official anthem of the U.S., was penned here by Francis Scott Key in 1814. Among the famous names who hail from Baltimore are: Michael Phelps, the world’s winningest Olympian; legendary jazz vocalist Billie Holiday; Thurgood Marshall, the first African-American Justice of the Supreme Court; and literary geniuses Edgar Allan Poe and H.L Mencken.

Baltimore is a city of firsts—first umbrella factory, first rail service and depot, first dental college—the list goes on and on. Here are more such “fun facts,” courtesy of the Baltimore City Police History.

There’s a lot more to be said about the city’s storied past, and the fun of discovering it firsthand awaits you at Baltimore’s many museums. A good place to start: Maryland Historical Society Museum.

Perhaps the most interesting facet of Baltimore is its many neighborhoods. The city comprises hundreds of neighborhoods. The website Live Baltimore provides a good way to explore the neighborhoods and see what makes each one unique. Once you settle on a particular neighborhood for your home, Nextdoor provides a social platform for you to connect with your neighbors and stay informed of the goings-on around you. Here’s a page where you can enter your address to connect with your others in your neighborhood.

As a resident of Baltimore, you’ll also want to stay attuned to the city government and reach the right people when you have questions or concerns. Here’s the directory for government offices. The Public Works page is particularly useful, with information on trash pickup/recycling and viewing/paying your water bill.

I’ve merely touched on a few things you should know as a new resident in this great city. There’s a lot more to learn, as you will see. As for moving into one of Baltimore’s many neighborhoods, our packers and movers know them all and we provide service to them all. If you have questions about moving into Baltimore, we have answers. Just ask!



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