Why Memorial Day Weekend Is the Perfect Time To Move

The last Monday in May is a special day here in the U.S. It is the official holiday in honor of those who have perished while serving in our nation’s armed forces. All across the land, families and friends of the fallen will pause to reflect on the greatest sacrifice our fellow citizens have laid at the altar of freedom. It seems the very least we can do for the fallen. We must also ask: How can my life honor these men and women? What can I do to ensure their sacrifice has meaning? What can I do to create a more just world? A safer world? A less violent world?

For some, Memorial Day weekend is also a time of transition. As the unofficial start of the summer moving season, the weekend inevitably sees families pulling up stakes and settling down in a new home, perhaps moving to a distant city, moving out of state, or even moving to another country.Memorial Day Family

Families have good reasons for choosing to move on Memorial Day Weekend. School is out in much of the country, so they experience no interruption in studies. Late spring in known for mild weather, conducive to work and travel. Many who will move this summer have decided to take a vacation first. Later in the summer, moving company availability will be stretched thin, bringing longer lead times for scheduling. (Did you know that more apartment moving takes place in August than in any other month?)

If you are thinking of moving on or around Memorial Day, you should already be well on your way with planning and essential business. Here are just a few things you should be tending to:

  • See that your home or renter’s insurance remains effective during your transition. 
  • Have your family’s medical and dental records transferred to your new providers.
  • Secure records of your pets’ vaccinations.
  • Notify utility providers (Internet, power, water) for disconnection/connection. 
  • Sell or give away things you no longer need to lessen your moving costs.
  • Find more pointers on this moving checklist, courtesy of Atlas Van Lines.

If you’re making a move over Memorial Day Weekend, you’ll likely be quite busy. But please take a moment on Monday, May 29, to think about the brave men and women who gave their lives in service. May we all honor their sacrifice every day of the year.

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