5 Winter Moving Tips

Brr! Baby, it’s cold outside!

Movers showing moving tips by carrying Moving Boxes Through SnowActually, moving during the winter months has its advantages. For one, you don’t have the heat and humidity that plagues Maryland movers during the summer months (as well as local movers in most every part the country). And, because fewer families move when school is in session, long distance van lines can respond more quickly. The law of “supply and demand” makes winter the most economical time of year to purchase relocation moving services.

Still, the colder weather that characterizes most regions of the country brings a few special considerations to winter moving. So, here are a few winter moving tips that may help you make a successful move.

  1. Clear the way. Shovel snow from walkways and put down ice melt to keep surfaces clear and safe for the movers to use as they load your things onto the van. If your local government or neighborhood association clears the streets, check with them to know the plow schedule. You want to avoid the possibility that a bank of snow will prevent access from the moving van to your home.Movers using winter moving tips to remove goods From Moving Truck
  2. Watch the radar. Our local Baltimore movers do this routinely—check the local forecast to make sure our packers and movers are not caught in a winter storm. We don’t want to load your goods onto the van during a blizzard or subzero winds. Keep a little flex in your schedule, just in case weather conditions get dicey.
  3. Adjust the thermostats. You can roll down the thermostat in your home to 65°F, which is plenty warm for packers and movers to work. During loading, you can move it back even further (55-60°F). The lower indoor temperature will reduce the difference between the outside to make coming in and out less demanding on workers. By the way, a good tip is to make sure the utilities are on at your new home, so you won’t spend your first night in the cold and dark (or at a hotel).
  4. Think “layers.” Just as it’s advisable to dress in layers to keep your body warm in cold weather,  you can also pack in layers. That is, add an extra layer or two of protection around items when moving, such as some plastics that may become brittle and prone to breakage in cold temperatures. (Some kitchen containers and toys are particularly susceptible.)Moving Truck Parked In Snow with Winter Mover in front of it
  5. Be prepared. Keep extra blankets, gloves, hats, and scarves with you when you travel during cold weather. Have fresh water and snacks on hand to stay hydrated and nourished, regardless of the availability of roadside facilities.

If you have questions about preparing for your winter move, just ask us. Our local movers have helped thousands of families in every season—here in Maryland, across the U.S, and overseas.

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