Movies Set or Filmed in Baltimore

Sure, we all know Baltimore is a great city, but did you also know that Baltimore is a great place to film and set movies? Well, it is! In fact, there are dozens of movies set or filmed in Baltimore, and some of them, like Sleepless in Seattle, really give a great look at local landmarks!

Baltimore Movers | Baltimore Moving Company

We're not just Baltimore movers, we're a Baltimore moving company! This month, we're celebrating our love for our hometown.

Baltimore Moving Company Presents: Top 5 Best Baltimore Restaurants

We present the top 5 best Baltimore restaurants!

Baltimore ComicCon - Comic Book Movers

We can move your comic book collection and collectibles!

How To Deduct Moving Expenses from Your Taxes

If your job requires you to move, you may be eligible to take a tax deduction. Find out more information about how to deduct moving expenses.
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