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Moving Fine Art? You Should See Our Van Go

An important part of our business over the years has been the moving of fine art—paintings, sculptures, statues, ceramic works, textiles—all kinds of visual works. We move artworks for individual families, for institutions (museums and galleries), and for traveling exhibitions. Whether gracing a wall in The Louvre or hanging over the fireplace in your home, a piece of fine art deserves utmost care.

Office Moves: What’s Your Plan?

On the surface, an office move may seem a simple proposition. And for smaller offices, it usually is. But when you talk about a suite of offices, or a building annex, or an entire campus, well . . . the complexity sort of increases exponentially. And the planning process is absolutely crucial. Here’s why.

Is fine art moving? We think so.

Ever since man first sketched pictures of the hunt on cave walls some 40,000 years ago, human creativity has found expression in visual forms. The best of these, fine art, convey what words can not . . . beauty, joy, hope, pathos. Fine artworks are visual treasures to be protected and preserved for posterity. So, handling and transporting fine art is a big responsibility. It takes skilled and careful hands.

Baltimore Museums and Art Galleries

At Advance Relocation Systems, we have an extensive range of moving services including moving fine art and museum exhibitions. Here in Baltimore, we love art and want to share a few of the best places in the city to enjoy it.

Baltimore ComicCon - Comic Book Movers

We can move your comic book collection and collectibles!
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