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Advance Relocation brings experience you can trust to relocate high-value equipment.  Our professional machine movers answer with solutions for healthcare logistics, including transportation of computers and servers.

Trust our reliable machine movers. 

Advance Relocation answers your need for equipment relocation with electronic-shipping solutions that are swift and efficient. 

Because we are an agent of Atlas, you get access to the moving-and-storage resources of the extensive Atlas network.  With the specialized capabilities of Atlas Logistics, we connect with expert machine movers across the U.S. and Canada. Atlas professionals are skilled in all aspects of computer relocation for healthcare logistics, including server shipping. 

Your equipment relocation is in the hands of a professional operator. 

Advance Relocation brings you proven know-how. On average, our professional van operators for equipment relocation average 7 years of hands-on industry experience. Shippers trust us to handle details responsibly for computers, robotics, medical equipment, precision machine tools, clean rooms, and high-tech instruments for aerospace and aeronautics applications. 

The right equipment for your logistics. 

With Advance Relocation of your electronics shipment, it travels on full air-ride suspension (standard on both our tractors and trailers).  This minimizes g-force, shock and vibration to ensure sensitive electronics travel with the smoothest ride.  Hydraulic lift gates and specialized handling equipment enable our skilled machine movers to load, unload, and place your goods safely at destination. 

When smaller shipments are on critical time frames. 

With Atlas Specialized Transportation Express Centers (ASTEC™), time-sensitive electronic-shipping solutions for smaller moves are routine.  Our ASTEC™ agent will pick up your shipment (3,000 pounds max) within 24 hours of your call. Choose “Tech Rep” delivery, and you can specify a precise delivery time. This helps you avoid the expense of down-time for technicians and other service providers on site. 

It’s easy to get started. 

When you need electronics shipping, we answer. Simply Contact Advance Relocation and request a free quote. We're ready to help.