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Trade show booths from Exhibit Shipping

Advance Relocation is an authorized exhibits agent of Atlas Logistics. We connect you with everything you need in trade show shipping, reinforced by the extensive Atlas network of resources for tradeshow logistics.

Experts in exhibits and expo freight 

Your success with exhibits depends on effective trade show shipping. Advance Relocation brings everything you need for the success of your event. 

We are authorized as an exhibit Agent for Atlas. We connect you with the resources of Atlas Logistics and the special expertise of our extensive network. A reputation for reliable, timely delivery of trade show freight makes Atlas a preferred choice for shippers who are moving exhibits. 

We get it done, no excuses. 

With Advance Relocation, you have a partner with special experience and understanding of the everything it takes for your expo freight to makes it to and from the exhibit venue. Whether loading or unloading, safe handling of your trade-show booth properties is a priority.  Our experts “know the drill” and waste no time. We avoid potential delays that afflict less experienced hands. 

The difference: Atlas professional operators. 

Your Atlas professional van operator is a seasoned captain who knows virtually every major exhibit venue throughout the U.S. and Canada. Atlas operators bring proven know-how in tradeshow logistics and an average of twelve years of experience. We support their efforts with technology, including computer-assisted dispatch and digital communications systems. Our Professional Van Operators are known for unrivaled efficiency you can trust. 

If your exhibit team needs extra hands, you may like our staffing supplement option. Our trade-show exhibits supervisor brings experience on-site to coordinate delivery and take care of all the little details. 

Get a free quote. 

Contact us today to request a free moving quote for your trade show logistics. Be assured you will have our full attention, including answers to any questions.