“Baltimore Musts” from Baltimore Movers


Are you moving to Baltimore?  In a way, I envy you because you have a whole world of really cool places to explore and awesome sights to see. Everyone you talk to will probably have their own list of top attractions. In any case, here’s our “Baltimore Musts,” and we hope you get as much enjoyment from these as our family has over the years.

The Baltimore Inner Harbor sets the high bar for what a seaport can be. You can spend hours walking along the shore, taking in the sights. From the Baltimore Civil War Museum on one end to the American Visionary Art Museum on the other, you will see landmarks, monuments, eateries and pubs. The best part? The National Aquarium, which houses more than 17,000 living specimens and over 750 species, is right there. Don’t miss it!

Thirty miles to the south, you’ll find Annapolis, Maryland’s capital, drenched in early American charm.  On the historic tour, you’ll experience the village with alleys and houses that date back 200 years. While you're exploring history, plan to take the walking tour of the U.S. Naval Academy.

Our Baltimore movers love transporting art so we reccomend visiting the art museums. The Walters Art Museum offers free admission to one of the world’s great collections of art treasures, from ancient Egyptian works to 20th century European masterpieces. Family tours are available if you register in advance, or you may join a walk-in tour. To take in an expansive collection of 19th century, modern, and contemporary art, plan a visit to the Baltimore Museum of Art. It houses 95,000 pieces, including more Matisse works than any other collection in the world.

Do you like trains? The B&O Railroad Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, offers a unique look at the history of America’s railroads. It houses the world’s greatest collection of artifacts and railroad equipment, plus historic structures from the dawn of the rail industry, including the first mile of track.

Fort McHenry is a national park in Baltimore’s harbor, famous for withstanding a British siege in 1812 which inspired Francis Scott Key to write “The Star Spangled Banner.” A self-guided tour of the fort offers an interesting point of reflection on Baltimore’s place in our nation’s history.

If you like baseball, Baltimore has a good baseball team. No, make that a great team. The Orioles compete in the American League East division at Camden Yards. They’re having a fabulous season—a good chance to play in October. And, if you like football, you’re in the perfect place to become a Ravens fan. Granted, they’re not running as hot as the Orioles at present. But just wait until football season begins!

These are just a few suggestions from our Baltimore movers. If you want more things to do in Baltimore, or if you need help with a local movecall us. We'll be happy to relocate you and welcome you to the town!

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