About 22% Of Americans Are Moving Or Know Someone Who Is During This Pandemic, But Why? Friday Sep 11, 2020

About 22% Of Americans Are Moving Or Know Someone Who Is During This Pandemic, But Why?Statistics by the Pew Research Center have shown that about 22% or 1/5th of the U.S adult population has moved or knows someone that has moved during the pandemic. We sat down with our company president, Dalton Conklin and our VP of Sales and Marketing, David Hillemann to discuss this developing trend. 

Over the past few months, many companies have moved to virtual operations and have found that this method is as productive, and in some rare instances, even more productive than regular physical operations. Consequently, with the ability to now work from home, many people made the decision to move out of their ‘expensive’ neighbourhood to a rural one where the cost of living is lower. At Advance Relocation Systems, we have seen an exodus of persons from large cities like New York and San Francisco to more suburban and rural communities during the pandemic. 

On the commercial side of things, our company has also seen an emerging trend with businesses that are downsizing or reconfiguring their office space to conform with COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines. While many businesses are still locked in commercial leases, now that they’ve determined that many of their employees can and are willing to work remotely, we do expect to see many more commercial clients taking this route over the next 3-5 years. This is all the more likely when considering that overhead costs and operating costs will likely decrease once more employees are working remotely. 

When asked about moving trends like this that have occurred in the past, David spoke about seeing a similar trend when many baby boomers started becoming empty nesters and started migrating to more urban areas. They no longer needed to be in the good school districts so they moved to the cities because many cities are more culturally rich with restaurants, museums, etc.   Being the 3rd generation in this business with over 40 of years experience, Dalton spoke of the post WWII (World War 2) moving trend where many people started moving out to the mid-west in areas like Phoenix and Vegas.

In the current scenario, Advance Relocations Systems stands ready to assist both residential and commercial clients as they navigate and assess their needs during this pandemic. As an Atlas Van Lines agent with many affiliations like the OMA (Office Moving Alliance), we are capable of moving anyone from anywhere in the United States to any other part of the United States or outside of the US. If you are looking for a top-quality, value mover, contact us today to request a free, no-obligation moving quote.   

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