Advance Relocation Systems Celebrates 80 Years In Business Friday Dec 06, 2019


Advance Relocation Systems is celebrating an impressive 80 years in business. A family-owned and operated moving company in Baltimore, Maryland, the company is also celebrating its 50th year as a trusted Atlas Van Lines agent in 2019. Over the decades, Advance Relocation Systems has upheld a strict culture of treating everyone like family - employees and clients alike. They understand how complex moving can get, whether it's moving from one apartment to another or moving an entire corporation across state lines. They seek to maintain one of the highest standards in the business by always treating their clients’ possessions as if they belonged to them.

Advance Relocation Systems wasn’t always the company it is today though. In 1868, Frank Mann Storage & Van Lines, located in Baltimore, Maryland was founded. In 1939, that same company was purchased by W. Leroy Conklin. With a vision, Leroy began the process of developing a small company into one of the largest moving firms in Maryland. Now located in Middle River, and renamed Advance Relocation Systems, the company is one of the most trusted names in home, corporate, local and long-distance moving in the state.

Aside from their ability to perform local and long-distance moves, their status as an Atlas agent means they have resources to perform a number of specialized moves as well as provide logistical services for any type of move. They provide moving services for art & museum exhibitions, wine, medical equipment, and electrical equipment.

Advance Relocation Systems is also celebrating 50 years as an Atlas agent. Later this year, in October, there will be an annual convention in Desert Springs, CA during which Advance Relocation Systems will receive an award to honor their 50-year-long relationship with Atlas. Atlas is known for setting the standard of quality in the moving industry with its professional van lines.

“Atlas is known as a quality van line and as their agent, our clients see that we uphold that quality.” - David Hillemann, VP of Sales and Marketing.

“We believe and have always believed that Atlas is the highest quality van line in the industry. To be a part of this quality van line is very important to us and is also reflective of our way of doing business.” - Dalton Conklin, President.

Advance Relocation Systems' commitment to quality can be seen in the number of awards they have won over the years. They won The Milton M. Hill Quality Award for 14 years, from 2004 to 2018. They have also received the Specialized Transportation Group Quality Award from 2007 - 2017. Over the years, Advance Relocation Systems has also won the following awards:

  • The Atlas Hauling Excellence Award (2004 - 2017)
  • Atlas International GSA Volume Award (2000 - 2009)
  • GSA Sales Volume Award (2009: Third place, 2011: First place, and 2012: Second place)
  • Single Location Top Agent Award (2010- Second place, 2011-First place, 2012- First place, 2013- First place, 2014- First place, and 2015- Second place)
  • US Military Soar Award Overall Excellence (2013 - 2014)

For Advance Relocation Systems, being a family-owned and operated business has proven to be a big advantage. With a team of about 170 employees, they are a relatively large organization while still being a very people-focused organization.

“We really are a small family organization while being a large organization. Being family-owned is an advantage because we have individual relationships with everyone in the organization. My door is always open, anyone can come in and talk to me at any time, there is no structure as far as having to go through a middleman to get to the leaders of the organization. People are the most important thing for us, we are nothing but a group of people. We don’t produce a product, we produce a service and the quality of the service we provide is dependant on the quality of individuals we have. That is our first and biggest priority in the way we hire and operate on a daily basis.” - Dalton Conklin, President.

With a family-owned business, you have the advantage of having key leaders and decision-makers right there in the nick of things each day. There’s no big corporate bureaucracy to get things done.

“Being family-owned is an advantage because the decision-maker is here every day. In a corporate structure, you might have to wait days, months even years to get something approved but with us, it can get done the same day.” - David Hillemann, VP of Sales and Marketing

As they celebrate this significant milestone and look forward to what the future holds, the management at Advance Relocation Systems intends to continue their upward growth and diversification. They are proud to be able to deliver a quality service in an industry where quality and high customer service is rare.

“Honesty and integrity, high-quality service… these are all things that we certainly value.” - David Hillemann, VP of Sales and Marketing.

In fact, they are hoping to find more ways to increase efficiency in a very demanding industry while continuing to secure great people and maintain the way they’ve operated their organization over the past 80 years.

Over their 80 years in business, Advance Relocation Systems has become a one-stop-shop for a variety of moving services. Whether you are moving throughout Maryland, across the United States, cross-border to Canada or Mexico, or around the world, they are your local moving and relocation experts. With a fleet of over 50 moving vans, and a new energy-efficient, sustainable 62,000 square-foot warehouse storage facility, they have what is needed to take good care of your property while it is in their possession. Their moving services are designed to make your move as affordable and stress-free as possible, so reach out to them to schedule your free moving quote.

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