Advance Relocation Systems Completes Another Successful Project With Art Basel Miami Beach Thursday Dec 23, 2021

Baltimore-based, moving company, Advance Relocation Systems recently wrapped up another successful project with Art Basel Miami Beach. Art Basel Miami Beach is North America’s largest and most comprehensive international contemporary art fair, with over 250 galleries from 36 countries showcasing works by 4,000 artists. This prestigious art fair first came to Miami Beach in 2002, which is also the first year of Advance Relocation Systems’ partnership with them. After an unprecedented hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, Art Basel Miami Beach returned in 2021, and Advance Relocation Systems was there to answer their transportation needs.

David Hillemann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Advance Relocation Systems, is the pioneer for this historic relationship. Back in 2002, when Art Basel decided to head to the Miami Beach Convention Center for the first time, one of David’s colleagues hired him to provide six trucks. Already a well-established provider of transportation and logistics support for fine art and exhibits for museums and trade shows, Advance Relocation Systems answered the call. The success of that partnership built the foundation for them to be chosen in subsequent years to provide climate-controlled trailers and operators for the show. In 2021, Advance Relocation Systems was tasked with coordinating the pickup of pieces from 11 different locations, transporting them to the Miami Beach Convention Center and then delivering them to their respective origins after the fair.

Art Basel has official art handlers that are individually trained to work directly with fine art objects in art galleries, museums, etc. The 2021 edition of Art Basel Miami Beach had four official art handlers. Advance Relocation Systems worked directly with three of those four handlers to provide 41 climate-controlled trailers to transport the pieces for the show. The origins for the 2021 fair were Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware and New York. The process started the Saturday after Thanksgiving with the pickup and inbound delivery of the pieces to the Miami Convention Center. The outbound occurred on December 6th and 7th, just after the fair ended.

With the Covid-19 pandemic still a major concern, there were a few aspects of the process that differed from previous years.

“Everybody in the convention center that was working in the inbound had to be tested for COVID-19. That test lasted for 72 hours, after 72 hours you'd have to get tested again. You kept getting a different color wristband every day to show that you'd been tested again. The thing that was difficult is that you're physically unloading these trucks and still required to wear these facemasks. It’s difficult doing hard physical labor and having to wear the facemask so that was another challenge that we had to deal with.” — David Hillemann, VP of Sales and Marketing at Advance Relocation Systems

Advance Relocation Systems is a trusted and experienced mover for fine art shipping. Whether it’s a personal art collection or a multimillion-dollar museum fleet, they are perfectly equipped to transport sensitive and delicate artifacts safely and carefully. Advance Relocation Systems boasts:

  • Specialized vehicles:
  • Climate-controlled trucks that limit humidity, and exposure to UV light throughout the shipping cycle.
  • High-cube trailers with enlarged capacity and access
  • Trailers with lift gates and oversized doors.
  • National and International partnerships, including the Atlas network, to provide coordinated climate-controlled fine art storage anywhere in the United States and Canada.
  • Facilities that are secure and protected from fire, smoke, and unauthorized access.
  • Over 80 years in business, specializing in the transport of high-value, sensitive, and unique items.

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