Advance Relocation Systems Welcomes The Fourth Generation, Cementing Its Rich, 82-Year, Family-Owned Legacy Monday Mar 21, 2022


Advance Relocation Systems Welcomes The Fourth Generation, Cementing Its Rich, 82-Year, Family-Owned LegacyThe company now known as Advance Relocation Systems, was originally founded in 1868 as Frank Mann Storage & Van Lines. In 1936, the company was purchased and renamed by W. Leroy Conklin, who was a native of Baltimore.

For the past 83 years, Advance Relocation Systems has been family-owned and operated by the Conklin family. The company is currently headed by the family’s 3rd generation and now the 4th generation is stepping into the family legacy and becoming involved in the business.

Prior to buying Advance Relocation Systems, Leroy Conklin had owned a Moving and Storage business with his father. In 1939, after some conflicting views about the management of the company, Leroy’s father bought out his interest. Leroy then took those funds and bought what is now Advance Relocation Systems today. In the same way he [Leroy] had worked with his father, Leroy’s son, Don, came to join him in the business. Don quickly gained the knowledge and experience needed to be successful, and it was clear he was a natural leader. Leroy was very happy to know that his customers and employees were in capable hands when he retired in 1980. Don’s son, Dalton, began working in the business at an early age. After a hiatus to attend college and explore alternative career paths, he returned to take up a permanent position. Now, he is the president of the company.

Advance Relocation Systems started out as a small moving company. Now, 86 years later, it has developed into one of the largest moving firms in Maryland. In 1969, they became an Atlas agent. The company is a member of the Office Moving Alliance, earning an AAA rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The company continues to seek new opportunities to modernize and expand their offerings. Now located in an industrial complex at Crossroads Circle, Baltimore, MD, they also have a 62,000 square-foot storage facility. Over the years, their fleet of vehicles has grown to include climate-controlled trucks, pup trailers, dozens of moving trucks, and more.

Now that he is at the helm of the family business, Dalton is excited that his son Tyler has decided to follow in his footsteps. For about 10 years now, Tyler has worked in the business. He is constantly growing, learning and excelling. Tyler, himself is also a father to two young boys named Waylon and Stone. It is the hope that the business can continue to run in the Conklin family for many more generations to come.

“I think back to when my grandfather started the business in 1939 and now I’m a grandfather myself in 2021.”- Dalton Conklin, President, Advance Relocation Systems.

Advance Relocation Systems has time and again shown itself to be an industry leader. Having been around for over 150 years, it is commendable that they have managed to stay true to their principles, family heritage and close-knit family culture. Advance Relocation Systems looks forward to welcoming you to their customer family. Whether you are moving within Maryland, across the United States or around the world, they are your local moving and relocation experts.

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