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Beating The Summer Heat Whilst Moving
Tuesday Jul 10, 2018



Moving during the summer is a popular choice for many different reasons. From leases expiring to students moving out of dorms and the many who decide moving to a new house in warm weather is far better than doing so in the cold, there are plenty of summer moves across the country. Keep the following advice in mind to beat the heat and move successfully during the warmest months of the year.

Respect the high temperatures

While you can't schedule your move to fall on a day with especially pleasant weather, you can prepare for the conditions during the days leading up to a move. One of the most common issues you will contend with is high temperatures, potentially accompanied by high humidity. How can you beat the heat?

Protect yourself from the sun

Schedule your move with the summer sun in mind

Summer is a common time to move, which means it's harder to get an appointment on the books. That's especially true when working with the best moving companies, which can have an especially high volume of customers during the summer months. To make sure you can lock in movers and packers for your preferred moving date, get in touch at least two months ahead of time. If you can reach out even earlier, take advantage of that ability and get the date on your schedule.

Another aspect of scheduling a move to keep in mind that can help you avoid the highest temperatures of the summer months is to try to make your move during the earliest and latest times available during the day. This approach means avoiding the hottest times of the day, and you might be able to secure a somewhat reduced price for your move if there's lower demand for the earliest and latest slots on the calendar.

Atlas is here to help you make your move a success, no matter whether it happens during the hottest day of the year or the coldest. To learn more, get in touch with us today.