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At Advance Relocation Systems, we employ our years of experience, proven resources and an extensive Atlas network to put together a moving plan that works for you, earning our reputation as “the corporate mover” of the US. Atlas has pledged to help people go new places® easily and securely and backed by this, our team guarantees satisfaction for your domestic corporate move.

Your corporate relocation policy will be our guide as we begin your moving process. In order to ensure that the move is hassle-free and stress-free for you and your employees, we aim to gain a clear understanding of your expectations of the process, and offer answers to your questions that are practical and within the bounds of your policy. We also continually seek new ways to help you make your policy cost-effective. The comfort of your employees during a move is a priority to us.

Since 1948, Atlas has been a domestic industry leader in corporate relocation. The Atlas Survey of Corporate Relocation has analyzed how changes in policy and practice affect employees’ expectations. As an Atlas agent, we use this information to moderate how we deal with policies associated with domestic corporate moves.

At Advance Relocation Systems, we are regular attendees at the annual Atlas Forum on Moving, an event which examines vital issues in corporate relocation. Atlas and its corporate clients work together to improve the industry and create value for companies and their transferees.

We would love to help you relocate! Our corporate relocation experts are excited to help your relocation program achieve its goals. Fill out our online quote form to request an estimate for our moving services. If you have any additional questions, contact us today.