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Moving-related Stress? Military Family Survey Shows You Are Far From Alone
Friday Nov 08, 2019

Relocation-related stress may not get the headlines, but its position in a recent survey shows how much trouble it can make for service members and their families.

Stress stemming from a move was a top-five concern across the board among the four groups that participated in the latest Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey: active-duty service members, military spouses, veterans and veteran spouses.

Among service members, it ranked as the second-highest stressor, behind deployments and ahead of financial issues. It ranked third, behind those two items, among military spouses; 46 percent of those surveyed put relocation stress in their top five worry list.

Veterans and veteran spouses were asked to recall up to five top stressors from their time associated with the military. Relocation ranked fifth for veterans, behind deployments, financial issues, separation, and isolation from family and friends. It ranked fourth for veteran spouses, with nearly 1 in 4 respondents remembering moves as a top stressor.

Many of the other issues addressed by the survey, which involved 7,891 participants, have strong connections to military families on the move:

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