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Museum & Art

Museum moving and fine art shipping is a job for professionals, requiring an extreme amount of precision. Whether for a single piece of high-value artwork or a full exhibition spanning multiple cities, Advance Relocation Systems will handle the move expertly. Our fleets are climate-controlled, making them perfectly equipped to transport your sensitive and delicate artifacts safely and carefully.

Moving fine art is a delicate process. Here are three important benefits of using Advanced Relocation Systems:

Other features of our fine art and museum moving services include:

Safety and security measures are paramount, too and include:

The right kind of equipment is a must and we have it - equipment such as:

Advance Relocation Systems has earned the trust of museums, exhibitors, auction houses and Registrars in the U.S. and internationally. Our reliable, on-time, worry-free delivery and superior handling have made us the preferred choice for moving high-value fine art. We are proud to have transported many of the world’s finest collections and exhibits.

We look forward to hearing about your fine art shipment. Please contact us today to discuss how Advance Relocation can help with your project.