ARS, Leading The Way With Innovation And Service In The First And Final Mile! Friday Sep 28, 2018

ARS, Leading The Way With Innovation And Service In The First And Final Mile!The first and final mile is crucial to any company that has moving as part of its agenda and often involves storage, assembling and of course, delivery. At Advance Relocation Systems, we cater to all your first-mile transportation needs. We know that final mile service should be quick and seamless, especially for time-sensitive shipments.   The best way sometimes to illustrate our capabilities and experience is simply to share a case study. What follows is a brief description of what we do and how we do it.

We are privileged to have recently acquired an American multinational information technology company (you would know the name for sure if we had permission to disclose it) as part of our list of clients about a year and a half ago. This company is a well known major manufacturer of printers and was looking to venture into a new area of business-copiers and was looking for a moving company that had the resources and experience to handle their first and final mile project.  Our team members are responsible for assembling the copiers, running diagnostic tests, delivering them, installing them and then testing them again to ensure satisfaction with the end users after delivery. At first we were handling the first and final on just a few machines per the number is exponentially larger and spread over several states. The increase in work from our client states clearly their satisfaction with our work and we would be remiss in not mentioning our appreciation for their business (you know who you are out there...thanks for the business!).

If you are a company looking for experts to handle your first and final mile, then Advance Relocation System is the right firm for you. We specialize in transporting all sorts of highly specialized medical/ lab/ technology systems and equipment, computers, copiers and other large, high-value and unique items. With over 75 years in the moving industry, rest assured that we ready, willing, able and supremely confident that we can handle your first and final needs!

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