Bigger Is Better As Far Fleets And Service Goes! Thursday Feb 21, 2019

Advance Relocation Systems is proud to announce that we’ve added two new high quality additions to our fleet! We’ve always chosen to invest in the highest quality of new machinery and vehicles to supplement our commitment to ensuring our operations are carried out at maximum efficiency while maintaining the standards our clients deserve. Allow us to tell you all about what makes these new additions particularly exciting for us and ultimately, exciting for you!

Growth is often a sign of advancement and we're always looking to bring the next and latest generation of things to the table for our clients.  Our brand new kentucky trailers have been added to our fleet and forgive our excitement but these powerhouse, high capacity trailers are 124” high all the way through the rear door trailer! These custom trailers allows us to meet and serve the most demanding height requirements for the transportation of temperature-controlled goods. This sort of equipment is rare when you’re looking for climate controlled moving solutions and our entire team is cheering the arrival of our version of Kentucky thoroughbreds.

These new trailers will provide our clients with a five thousand (5000) pound capacity liftgate as well as Milwaukee lifters. This type of feature is great because it actually helps to stabilize the trailer while it’s being loaded by raising the trailer up to dock height. This sort of stability is super important, especially when a forklift is being used for loading. If you need something a little extra, there’s also side door loading capabilities.  In addition to the unique height of this trailer, another amazing feature is the newest thermo king climate controlled unit that comes with it! The temperature and humidity in the trailer can be easily regulated. Here’s the cherry on top, to go the extra mile, we can record and print the temperature and humidity of the trailer while your belongings were in our possession so you won’t ever have to worry about the standard that is maintained when you’re not there.  Wow…!

If you’re wondering about what types of moves these trailers are well equipped for, the simple answer would be “anything tall”. There are numerous industries that will find these trailers useful. Art seems to be getting more extravagant everyday, companies in the semiconductor industry are constantly shipping tall items and the aerospace industry is always in need of specialised logistic moving solutions. We are proud to have invested in equipment that can cater to all the needs of these different industries while improving our standard.

Contact us to explore the possibilities that abound with using this new equipment in your next move.  

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