David Hillemann - Further Expanding The Lines Of Business At ARS Monday Oct 29, 2018

David Hillemann - Further Expanding The Lines Of Business At ARSShow me your team of professionals and I’ll tell you how successful your company is… or you know how the saying goes. A perfect example of this would be Advance Relocation Systems and how the company has grown to be one of the largest moving firms in Maryland and one of the oldest in the country. The quality of our team is the foundation of our ability to serve our clients, which is why we’re honored to have David Hillemann as the Vice President of our sales and marketing department. Though David has been a part of the Advance Relocation Systems’ family for twelve years, he has over thirty years of experience in the industry and was responsible for introducing new lines of business to our company. His expertise and focus is presently on the Fine Art and Museum transportation business.  He plays his role to perfection and his involvement has contributed greatly to our continued good reputation throughout all of the Atlas Van line agents. David is fully committed to continue the enhancement of the sales department with lasting effects and to keep bringing new lines of business to the table to ensure strong future growth.

His vision for successful future growth is weaved around healthy two-way relationships between the clients and us. This serves to create a space of mutual respect and trust. He wants our clients to know with confidence that we’re looking out for their best interest and providing them with high quality services. Ethics play a major role in David’s life and it’s actually a deciding factor in anything he gets involved with. Working with Dalton Conklin - who is ARS’ President - has been a refreshing experience because they both believe in doing things the right way or not doing it at all. A lot of businesses will take on jobs without even considering if they’d be able to execute it flawlessly with great service, while on the contrary, ARS thrives on producing work both they and their clients are pleased with.

David would be able to resonate with the quote “life is a journey, not a destination” because throughout his voyage of life, he’s appreciated a collection of moments that make up the entire picture of what makes him feel proud of himself. One moment he reflected on, was his climb from being an ‘OTR (over the road) owner operator driver’ and using his knowledge to break into the sales aspect of the business. We won’t be the first to say he’s made quite a successful transition. Now that he’s more on the management side of the business, asking him about his management style will earn you a chuckle. He believes in leading by example and he pushes to get the best from his team.

When David is out of the office and has the chance to loosen his tie, he can be found enjoying a good game of golf but sometimes he ditches the tie all together. He has a daredevil side and enjoys riding motorcycles! David credits his success to his great relationship with his wife - Denise Hillemann - and he’s extremely appreciative of her support and their close bond. David also has a charitable side and dedicates as much of his time as he can to volunteering. He’s been a court appointed special advocate (CASA) for abused, neglected and abandoned children since 1997 - a fact about him that is both admirable and extremely heartwarming.

Contact us here to experience high quality moving services with a company that values your belongings as much as you do. With leaders like David playing an integral part in contributing to the growth and pushing our offerings and service to new heights, you won’t be disappointed!

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