Don't Make These 5 Common Moving Mistakes! Tuesday May 29, 2018

Don't Make These 5 Common Moving Mistakes!Moving is a complicated process, from all the effort that goes into finding a new place to live and selling your current home to the physical work that often comes on moving day. With so many different needs to manage, it's easy for something to go wrong. To keep you on the right course, we've put together a list of five common moving mistakes, along with a little advice on how to avoid them.


Mistake No. 1: Not giving yourself enough time

Time is an incredibly valuable resource during a move. That's true not only because you need plenty of it to coordinate everything properly, but also because it's extremely difficult to add more time to the clock once it starts ticking. You don't want to try to find movers and packers just days before you need to be out of your old home, just like you shouldn't wait until the last minute to finalize paperwork.

What's the solution? Plan ahead, budget your time and make a schedule. To make sure you cover all of your bases, use our handy, comprehensive moving checklist as a reference point.


Mistake No. 2: Not making a budget

Moving costs money. Exactly how much can change from move to move, but it's often a significant cost. The overall price tag can quickly go up if you don't put in enough work ahead of time, whether it's comparing the costs of different moving companies or finding the most effective mortgage rate. A lack of a budget also means you'll have a harder time planning your finances in the coming months and increases the chances of encountering an unpleasant surprise.

The fix here is simple, even though it may take you a couple of hours: Create a comprehensive budget and be sure to regularly update it. Include all home rental or purchase costs as well as moving and related travel expenses.


Mistake No. 3: Not knowing how to move efficiently

With all the other work you'll do in the weeks and months before your move, you may not realize the importance of cleaning up and getting rid of your clutter. When you avoid selling, donating and otherwise disposing of items you no longer need, however, you increase your moving costs and miss opportunities to potentially earn some extra cash and get a few write-offs for your taxes.

Boost your efficiency by including time to sort through your belongings in your moving calendar, and also set aside a weekend morning to host a yard sale, if practical, and bring donations to local charities. The results can include a smaller bill from your movers and a cleaner, more organized space in your new home.


Mistake No. 4: Not planning your moving day schedule

Although you can often survive without timing and carefully planning the trip for a local move, a long-distance move is far less forgiving. Failing to properly account for travel time, meals, rest and other needs could lead to your movers getting to your property before you - not the way you want to start things off in your new home.

Make sure you plan your trip using tools like Google maps and build in time for stopping to eat, dealing with traffic and even sleeping overnight if you're headed across several states.


Mistake No. 5: Not finding the best movers and packers

Don't stop with one estimate when you look for the right moving company to help you on your journey. Reach out to several so you can compare costs, services, insurance options and much more.

Atlas is proud to help movers just like you get a great value as they take a major step in their lives. To learn more, reach out to us today!



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