End Of Summer An Opportune Time To Make Your Commercial Office Space Move Tuesday Aug 21, 2018

End Of Summer An Opportune Time To Make Your Commercial Office Space Move

Moving during the summer is a popular choice for many different reasons.  As the busy summer moving season winds down, this is the time to move your office. If moving was on your radar for this year, here are three main reasons why there’s no better time than now:

  • Economics 101….supply and demand.  Movers have been super busy over the summer and as the busy moving period dies down they are left with an excess of resources available.  As a result, supply (movers with capacity) is up and demand (business and residences looking to move) is dwindling...which means you might be able to get a bargain and save on your office move.

  • More than likely some of your staff may still be on summer vacation. With less persons in the office, the process can definitely be smoother. Some of your business associates and clients may also be on vacation, so similarly this will mean less business interactions will be impacted by the move.

  • If you are a retail entity, moving now gives you a good head start to get settled in for the busy shopping season later in the year. This will allow for enough time for the locals to get familiarized with the products you offer, making it very easy for them to add you to their list of places to shop for the holidays.  

With over 75 years experience in the moving industry, Advance Relocation Systems has been the number one choice for most companies and businesses across Maryland. Whether you are a commercial client looking to move an office, warehouse, industrial, laboratory, fine art and museum exhibits, trade shows, etc. Be sure to contact us when you are ready to make your next commercial move, we would love to help your business relocate!

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