First And Final Mile-On The Rise Thursday Dec 06, 2018


This is probably going to be unsurprising to most of you due to the convenience attached to it, but a number of consumers have turned to e-commerce to satisfy most, if not all of their shopping needs. With that being said, swift fulfillment has become an expectation for every online shopping experience.  The trend of online shopping caught on fire several years ago and for the most part, easily transferable packages that weigh less than 70 pounds and can fit into delivery vans effortlessly have dominated the order charts. However, recently the call for delivery of heavier, bulkier products has gained momentum because of retailers expanding the range of items they make available for online purchase. Deliveries of sizeable and heavier products that were ordered online grew by 10.5 percent from 2017 to 2018 so this just goes to show that we’re in the process of this markert expanding which has resulted in the interest of truckload and LTL carriers who see a chance to integrate first and final mile services into their existing network.

Though these big national brands may have been good at delivering your smaller items, there’s no guarantee they’ll hit the ball out of the park with handling your larger and more than likely expensive online deliveries. At Advance Relocation Systems, we specialize and possess substantial experience with transporting high value and larger items. Such as medical systems and equipment, computers, copiers and other costly items. With over 75 years in the moving industry, we know how to organize and attend to your transportation needs, especially when we are dealing with your high-ticket, valuable equipment.

A challenge in last mile delivery is the complexity of the items that are being delivered. Large products may require assembly and skillful unpacking upon delivery. Shippers might want to rethink who they trust with having their products delivered by and said carrier’s ability to deliver something that is an accurate reflection of what was sold. While many first and final mile carriers exist not all offer assembly options and even if they do, they won’t provide you with the expertise necessary. Take it from us, we’ve been in this game way before the first and final mile logistics market began expanding.

At Advance Relocation Systems, we handle it all — from first mile pickups to final delivery on the customer’s doorstep. We know that final mile service should be quick and seamless, especially for time-sensitive shipments. Contact us today for your first and final transportation and delivery services!

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