Meet Marty Shields: One Of Our Long-standing Drivers! Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

Meet Marty Shields: One Of Our Long-standing Drivers!Over our 82 years in business, Advance Relocation Systems has built up a repertoire of employees with tenure spanning years and even decades! One such person is Marty Shields, one of our truck drivers. Marty has an impressive background  of over 40 years in the moving industry, 18 of which he has spent with us here at ARS. In this article we’ll introduce you to this direct-spoken, outgoing, family-man. 

Marty is a born and bred Baltimoreon. He has spent his entire life in this city. He attended Catholic school at every level up until graduating high school in 1977. After losing his father at a young age, Marty developed a special relationship with his current wife’s father, who also happened to introduce him to the moving industry. After finishing high school, he went directly on to work in the moving industry. In 2003, he joined Advance Relocation Systems and has not looked back since. 

Marty and his wife hit the road with their motorcycles.

If there’s one thing that rings true for the moving industry, it’s that no two days are ever the same. For people like Marty, this is the factor that keeps them coming back day after day. Marty loves the opportunity to meet new people and travel to different parts of the country as part of his job. He’s been fortunate to move Presidents, movie stars, sports teams and even more interesting customers. He’s also very grateful to be doing it as part of a company like ARS. Marty has described the team at ARS as top-notch, and he even admitted that if he stopped working here, he would never set foot on another truck. 

Marty has been happily married for over 42 years. He met his wife when they were both just teenagers and they have two children together who are both now grown with their own families. He enjoys spending time with his family and riding his motorcycle and has described his family as the most important thing to him. Marty considers himself lucky to have a job that he loves that has also been able to help him provide a good life for his family. 

Marty stopped for a photo op with his motorcycle.

Finding dedicated and hard-working drivers like Marty is not easy, that’s why when we do find them we try our best to keep them. We are truly lucky to have had Marty dedicate the last 18 years of his life to safely transporting our clients’ belongings and we’re happy to allow you to also meet him. If you ever need a trusted mover, you can count on ARS and our team of experienced, friendly and hard-working drivers, including Marty!

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