Meet Tanya Mckelvey - One Of Our Customer Service Representatives Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Meet Tanya Mckelvey - One Of Our Customer Service RepresentativesAdvance Relocation Systems has been in business for over 80 years and within that time we have been quite lucky to find some extraordinary team members who have stuck with us for years, and in a few cases, for decades! One of those extraordinary individuals is Tanya McKelvey, who, as of last month has been with us as a remote Customer Service Rep for 13 years. But what’s also interesting is the fact that even before joining Advance Relocation Systems, she has worked with our Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Hillemann, and their professional relationship has extended for almost 20 years.

Tanya has worked in the moving industry for about 24 years now. After moving to Maryland from Texas, she took up a job with a moving company from within the same van line she had previously been working with in Texas. This was actually where she first met David. The agent they worked for couldn't provide the assistance for the climate controlled, museum level fleet needed, so David started looking around with the other agents and him and Dalton started talking a lot and that spurred the move to ARS. So far, Tanya has described her experience as a good one and she enjoys being able to do something she enjoys everyday. She likes the variety of people she gets to meet and the uniqueness of some of the things that we’ve moved.

Outside of work, she enjoys going for walks, going to the park, camping, crocheting blankets, and tackling all kinds of puzzles. As a single mother to two daughters aged 24 and 12 and a late son who lost his fight to cancer, Tanya has learned to be responsible and independent. She believes it's important for us all to respect each other and actually listen to one another. Tanya enjoys interacting with and helping customers and her line is always open, whether for a query or just to chat!

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