Moving With Seniors: Easing The Transition Tuesday Oct 11, 2022

Moving With Seniors: Easing The TransitionMoving is a stressful process at any age. As people get older, there are more things to consider and plan for. Age-related limitations like decreased mobility or cognitive ability can make moving much harder. If you’re a senior, or you have a senior loved one who needs to move, take a look at these tips for making the transition easier. 


  • Develop a Moving Plan

Creating a detailed plan is key to a successful move. Putting together a timeline with every task that needs to be done, whether large or small, helps you stay on track without getting overwhelmed. It also reduces the chances that you will forget to do something. 


  • Declutter

Start the moving process early by decluttering and getting rid of items you don’t want to pack. Decluttering can be a lengthy process, especially for seniors who are downsizing. To save on space, you can consider assisting them in storing certain sentimental items in new formats, ex: creating digital copies of photos and videos.  


  • Prepare Your New Space and Research the Community

Many seniors move because they’re downsizing. Sometimes this means moving to a smaller house or moving  in with relatives. For some, it means moving to an assisted-living facility or a retirement community. Wherever that next home is, it’s important to research it beforehand. Are there any repairs or updates that need to be done? Will there be stairs to navigate? Who will be your neighbors? Are there activities for seniors in the community?


Consider a Senior Move Manager

A Senior Move Manager can help take a lot of the stress away by handling the hiring of movers, packing and unpacking. Seniors with fragile health, who don’t have adult relatives nearby to help, can benefit from having a Senior Move Manager. The National Association of Senior and Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) is the leading membership organization for Move Managers is a good place to look for one.


Advance Relocation Systems specializes in peace of mind and stress-free moves. If you are a senior who needs help moving, or you are a relative who is searching for a suitable mover for your elderly loved ones, contact us for a free quote today. 

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