Organizational Tips For Your Upcoming Move Tuesday Apr 16, 2019

Organizational Tips For Your Upcoming MoveAn organized move has a much better chance of being simple, straightforward and less stressful than one that's thrown together at the last minute. Consider this organizational advice as wonder how to organize your move.

How should you pack?

"Labeling boxes is a key consideration when packing."

One of the most basic yet important moving tips you'll come across is advice related to how you should pack up all of your belongings. There are plenty of options to consider, although you may find packing items by room can help make the unpacking process especially easy while allowing you to avoid boxing up the things you need right up until moving day.

Labeling boxes is a key consideration here, as is making a brief list of the most important items contained within each. Popular Mechanics suggested color coding as another effective may to organize boxes. The more information you have, the easier it is to unload the moving truck and unpack - which helps you enjoy your new home that much sooner.

Be sure to have boxes of varying sizes on hand as well as plenty of packing material. That way, you can ensure the most fragile items stay safe whether they're on the moving truck or riding with you. Set aside some extra time to secure fragile items, like dishes and glasses, and potentially messy ones, like toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Of course, if packing boxes yourself seems like too much of an organizational challenge, you can always bring in the experts at Atlas to do the heavy lifting.

Plan your move well in advance for savings

Moves happen all the time, but there are certain traditionally busy periods where demand - and prices - are high. Not everyone can coordinate a move to avoid weekends and the end of the month, but if you can, you'll likely save some money compared to peak rates.

One of the best ways to take advantage of midweek moves away from the end of the month is to plan ahead. Get in touch with your movers as soon as possible, make sure you have a strong plan for packing in place and check with your employer about taking a day or two off.

If you can use vacation days for Thursday and Friday, you can set up a move on Thursday, then have a three-day weekend to unpack, set up your new home and even relax and enjoy the new space once the major tasks are done.

Understand your new home's layout for an efficient move in

You know what your new home looks like - it's one of the reasons you chose to live there and not somewhere else. But do you know if a large piece of furniture will fit up the stairs, or if the corridor from the garage to the interior is big enough to comfortably accommodate most boxes and belongings? Getting some measurements and knowing the layout of your new residence will make moving in that much more organized. Being informed means there's less chance for last-minute surprises and problems.

No matter when you plan to move or where you're headed to, Atlas is here to support the entire process with expert movers and packers. To learn more, get in touch with us today!

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