Our Membership In OMA Allows ARS To Push The Boundaries Of Your Office Move. Friday Mar 27, 2020

Are you a business owner with plans to relocate/expand your business in 2020? With everything that has been going on globally, you may have planned for your relocation in first quarter (Q1) but were forced to put your plan on hold because of logistics or other reasons. Whatever the reason, now might actually be the best time of year to plan your commercial move as in just a few short months, most movers will be fully booked with household moves and you don’t want to get stuck looking for a mover during this season.   

Advance Relocation Systems has always worked to improve the quality of service we provide to our customers. After over 80 years in the business, we still search for new and more efficient ways to make moving easier, from newer and better equipment, to more training for our drivers/staff to joining allegiances and associations. In trying to better our office and specialized moving services, we joined the prestigious Office Moving Alliance (OMA) and have been able to vastly improve our commercial moving services for our clients over the past 3 years. 

The Office Moving Alliance (OMA) is an exclusive, invitation-only organization that joins together some of the most successful and financially sound commercial relocation companies across the globe. OMA was created and founded in 2007 by a select group of likeminded market leaders in the commercial relocation industry who recognized the need to develop a better way to service clients on a large scale within a highly fragmented and very unpredictable industry. Don’t be fooled by the name as all types of commercial moves and logistics are covered under the organization, including office moving, technology relocation, FFE (furniture fixture & equipment) services, MAC work – (moves/adds/changes), project/move management, last mile and first mile services. 

So what makes us being an OMA member different from us being an Atlas agent? Well, firstly OMA isn’t a van line. Being an Atlas agent does entitle us to a significant amount of resources in the household goods relocation field, but the major difference lies within specialization. OMA is strictly geared toward providing resources for office and commercial moves. Companies are thoroughly vetted before becoming a member of OMA and only qualified, carefully tested and  evaluated companies are chosen. 

What benefits do our association with OMA have for you, the client?
For our clients, our membership in OMA provides the confidence that services will be completed in a capable, consistent, cost competitive and highly cooperative environment. OMA only allows one member in each geographical market, so this means you’re truly getting the best of the best in that area. For Maryland, Advance Relocation Systems is the only OMA member. Through OMA, we have access to 53 Partners located in 250+ markets throughout 22 countries and 6 continents globally. We also have access to brick and mortar locations within 150 miles of 95% of the U.S. population.

Advance Relocation Systems became a member of OMA in 2017, after the previous vendor in Maryland went out of business. Since then, we have worked with a number of partners to fulfill their corporate relocation moves, most notable being the move of NATO’s International Headquarters. Throughout the past years, our clientele has included a standing desk company, NATO, law firms, insurance agencies, financial services and other commercial entities. Our focus now has shifted to booking more corporate relocations and fulfilling them through our OMA partners. 

We have seen a lot of benefit to being a member of OMA over the past 3 years, not just for us as a company but for our clients and the clients of our partners. If you’re looking to relocate your office/commercial location, we invite you to speak with our SRP, Michelle Green, to schedule a consultation and receive a quotation. She can be reached at  (410) 241-4868 or (410) 574-8900.

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