Our President, Dalton Conklins, Vision For A Successful 2019! Tuesday Jan 08, 2019

What a year! A phrase whose meaning is completely determined by the tone in which it is said. Whether dismal or filled with cheer we’re here and it’s a new year! The end of the year signifies the beginning of new hope for most and it’s a good time to practice some reflection and set all your intentions for all you wish to accomplish within the fresh 365 days you’ve been given.

The past year in business has been filled with growth, many accomplishments and strong performances in all areas of our business. We closed out 2018 like we have for many years by remaining the premier choice for museums, exhibitors and artists who took part in Art Basel Miami Beach 2018. We were also  proud to have once again received recognition for our dedication to quality and professionalism by being awarded the prestigious Milt Hill Award for the 14th year in a row...yes Ending the year on such a strong note again has made us even more optimistic for what 2019 has in store...and if that was not enough...we will be celebrating our 80th year in business!

Ok so enough bragging and patting ourselves on the back.  “We hope to continue our steady progress of diversifying our company. We are already pretty diversified and it is because of our vast range of services that we are as successful as we are.  With that being said, we look forward to seeking new opportunities in areas that we have not yet expanded to and adding to it our own personal touch. Extra effort and attention will also be placed on nurturing our first and final mile business.” - Dalton Conklin, President of Advance Relocation Systems

Our company’s phenomenal leadership team and our dynamic, talented employees are laser focused on long term value creation. Our ability to consistently execute with excellence will no doubt yield gains across both existing and emerging markets. Advance Relocation Systems will continue being a leader in the moving industry...that much we can promise you in 2019 and beyond.

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