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5 Tips To Help Make Moving With Kids And Pets Easier Thursday Feb 08, 2018

5 Tips To Help Make Moving With Kids And  Pets EasierWhile moving to a new home is exciting, it also is a very stressful and nerve-wracking process. Throw children or pets into the mix and stress levels can tend to rocket sky high. When moving with children or pets try these 5 helpful tips.

Get them excited

Talk to your kids about the move and why it’s happening. Try to make it exciting for them by getting them involved i.e. allowing them to pack their own small boxes or letting them know they will have the opportunity to decorate their own room in the new house, etc. Also, stimulate their imagination by showing them pictures of the new home and neighborhood, and discussing some of the fun and exciting things that you can do as a family in your new home and neighborhood.

Pack regularly accessed items in specially designated boxes

Your children and your pets need certain items regularly, so be sure to identify what those items are and keep the boxes they are in close by and easily accessible throughout the move. For kids, pack their favorite items such as their favorite stuffed animal, or their favorite snacks, toys or books in an easy to reach place so that they can be accessed at all times and at minimum unpacked right away. Keep bedding and pajamas in an easy to reach box, that way familiar comfort items seamlessly move from old home to new home. For pets, set aside their food and water containers and favorite toys, treats, or other special items. If they have a special bed or place they like to sleep, make sure it's set up right away so they can settle in straight away. Happy kids and happy pets equal happy parents.

Scout the area

If possible, do an in-person scout of the area and check out the local playground, cafe, movie theatre or other entertainment spots. Bring your pets along too and take them for a walk around the neighborhood, allowing them to adjust to the unfamiliar sights, sounds and smells.
If this can be done pre-move with your kids and pets, all the better. If you’re moving a bit further away, do some online research and sometimes simply sharing your findings/ pictures with the family have the same desirable outcome.

Make the trip to your new home comfortable

Whether you’re driving or flying giving children things to do will keep their minds and hands busy. Bring along books, comics, electronic media and travel games to keep the kids occupied. Be sure to have toiletries handy, such as napkins, snacks, sweets and spare plastic bags (for candy wrappers and apple cores etc). You should also walk with a few extra outfits for young children.

For your pets, it might be worthwhile to visit the veterinarian to see if they can prescribe anything to keep them calm. Dogs and cats tend to get bored very quickly and also dislike being confined in small spaces. For dogs, try smearing a favorite toy in peanut butter or some other doggy treat so as to keep their attention well fed. Cats may prefer a ball of yarn or some catnip laced toy. If you’re driving, pets, much like their human counterparts could use an opportunity to stretch their be sure to include them while you stretch yours. Be sure to make it a part of your itinerary to stop at a park or playground along the way for a picnic or outdoor game.

Plan for the possibility of pet disorientation

Animals tend to dislike new surroundings, they may run off, they may get too carried away with their exploration and be unable to find their way back to your new home. It’s a very good idea to get your dog or cat microchipped and get your mobile phone number inscribed on a tag and attached to a collar.

It’s undeniable that moving day can sometimes be hectic. If you’re moving thousands of miles away, the stress can quickly rise. Make the process easy for the kids and pets and your move will be that much easier. Contact us at Advance Relocation Systems to learn more about our domestic or long-distance moving services.