Baltimore Moving Company Presents: Top 5 Best Baltimore Restaurants

Baltimore Moving Company Presents: Top 5 Best Baltimore Restaurants Thursday Oct 02, 2014

We may not be restaurant critics, but that doesn’t stop us from moving our way around the restaurants of Baltimore.  We are the best local Baltimore moving company, and we love our hometown.  With that in mind, we decided to give you our own slant on Baltimore’s best restaurants!


Bottega is a small Tuscan style bistro whose menu rotates daily. Its charm lies in its rustic look and low key décor. The result is a delightful atmosphere accompanied by a bold menu that isn’t afraid to go with the flow. Did we mention that this tiny hole in the wall is also BYOB? Never a bad thing when you want the drink of your choice at dinner.


It would be impossible to make a list of the best restaurants in Baltimore and leave out a seafood joint. Thames Street Oyster House boast an impressive selection of seafood with everything from local oysters at the raw bar to grilled Angus Ribeye for the land lovers amongst us. However, don’t be surprised to find more surf than turf here. Thames is a must visit for out-of-towners and locals alike. And we would be remiss if we forgot to mention the harbor view from the upstairs seating.


The Black Olive is easy to identify as a Greek restaurant with its whitewashed walls and simple Mediterranean inspired decorations. Even though you’re sitting in Baltimore, you’ll feel like you’re in a fishing village right off the coast of the Aegean Sea when you taste the fresh fish. Although the seafood is delicious, it’s not the thing that keeps us coming back for more. The baklava ice cream is a smash hit.


If you’re looking for contemporary Italian cuisine in a historic building with mosaic floors, you’ve found a match in Sotto Sopra. This gem stands out not only because of its incredible atmosphere, but because of its top notch Italian menu. Although the prices may seem a little high, Sotto Sopra boasts a farm to table motto. A visit to Sotto Sopra means not only supporting a local restaurant, but also local growers.


Charleston isn’t just a dance from the 20’s anymore. The subtle contemporary American cuisine will make you appreciate cooking as a genuine art form.  With succulent melt in your mouth fusions of fresh and eclectic ingredients you won’t forget this for a lifetime.  The Charleston is the Advance Relocation of Baltimore restaurants, and that’s why we’re giving it our number one spot. Magnifique!