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Meet One Of Our Hardest Workers, Our General Manager Krysta Banas Friday Mar 19, 2021

Meet One Of Our Hardest Workers, Our General Manager Krysta BanasIn 2003, after finishing up her first semester of college, Krysta was looking for a job. A friend of hers was working for Advance Relocation Systems as a packing contractor and she asked if Krysta would like to come work for her and she decided to go for it. The job was flexible enough for her to work around her school schedule, so she stayed. She had the opportunity to work with the crews on different jobs, and during the winter months she was also able to work in the warehouse. As she was nearing the end of her schooling, she was offered an office job in accounting and she accepted. Now, Krysta Banas has been with ARS for 17 years and has worked her way up through different positions, now serving as our General Manager.

“I feel like the career path chose me once I started in the office. I knew pretty early on that this is where I wanted to stay.” - Krysta.

Over the time that she’s been with us, Krysta has accomplished some impressive things. In 2018, she facilitated us getting our own SCAC code approved with the United States Transportation Command. We have always serviced moves for the Department of Defense through other partners, but getting this approved allowed us to do it directly with the DOD. 

“What I enjoy most about my job is that there is something different every day. While we move people every day, the situations that come up on each job are different and unique. At ARS, we genuinely care about the customers that we service. The quality of work is highly important to us. I also love the family environment that we have within our group.” - Krysta 

Krysta has an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Management from the Community College of Baltimore County. She also has some experience in real estate, having completed real estate school and holding a real estate license for about 4 years.  

 Krysta and her husband Jason in Newport Beach, CA after the 2019 Atlas convention in Palm Springs.

When she’s not at work, you’re most likely to find Krysta in the kitchen. She loves cooking and baking… if there’s something to be made from scratch, she’s going to challenge herself to do it. Some of the things she’s recently experimented with include homemade Ricotta cheese, bagels, lasagna noodles, and cheese crackers. She also likes to pull her two daughters in for the process. Despite her love for cooking, she actually hates having to pick what’s for dinner each night. 

Krysta with her daughters Jillian (6) and Khloe (10).

Krysta’s life has been heavily influenced by her grandmother, who happens to be turning 90 this year! The people in her life have helped instill the principles of trust and integrity into her. She describes herself as friendly, caring, and trustworthy. 

“I love that it is a family business. They have certainly made me feel like a part of their family over the last 17 years.” - Krysta. 

Krysta sees Advance Relocation Systems as a second home. After being here for 17 years, the company has become a big part of her life and a second family. She loves all of the interactions and her door is always open to anyone wishing to have a chat with her.