Spring Into Action With Advance Relocation Systems Tuesday Apr 16, 2019

On average more than 40 million people move per year in the United States between April and September. The end of May kickstarts the peak season for residential moving, leaving the months of March, April and early May with much less demand. Most moving companies are willing to offer great deals this time of year and are also readily available to accommodate your timeline in the spring months. If you have ever moved a home, business, museum, etc, in the summer peak season, what was just stated, should carry serious weight and be in stark contrast to the feel of moving in the spring.  What makes moving during these months even more enjoyable is the milder/cooler weather. Without the sweltering summer sun or the blistering cold of the wintertime temps, moving can actually be quite pleasant in the spring...imagine that!

Spring is a great time for all types of moves including office moves, corporate relocations, museum exhibits moves, etc.  With the high demand the summer brings for qualified movers, moving company rates tend to be at their highest during this time frame even for commercial moves. This is generally the case for most movers as all their resources are stretched thin. In our case,  this is not an issue since we have dedicated resources for non-residential moves year round and in fact do much more non-household moves thanks to our breadth of services and equipment. That's not to say we don’t do a ton of residential moves also, but we are unusual due our fleet size, variety of specializations and over 80 years in business.

In addition to competing with standard residential moves, military residential moves are also very popular in the summer because thousands of service men and women receive new assignments that require relocation during that time of year. Frankly speaking, unless you were to coordinate with a moving company months in advance, chances are you won’t be able to secure the moving date of your choice during the summer. We are no exception in this instance because we are one of the largest movers of military families in the country.  So be sure to give serious consideration to moving in these pre-season months...especially if you are moving your residence.

When you combine all of the benefits, it becomes clear that spring may be the most advantageous time in the entire year for moving. With 80 years in business, Advance Relocation Systems has become a one-stop shop for a variety of moving services. Contacting us now and moving before the summer rush hits makes good sense for anyone or any entity considering a move.  Call us at (410) 574-8900 and let us help you plan the perfectly pleasant spring move.