Pup Trailers Cute, Specialized And Extremely Unique Tuesday Mar 19, 2019

Pup Trailers Cute, Specialized And Extremely UniqueAdvance Relocation Systems has been around since 1939 and has been helping individuals, families, the military, art exhibits, trade shows, and businesses go new places. We focus on offering our clients the best moving services possible! We also make it a priority to invest in the best moving equipment our industry has to offer. With that being said, we wanted to highlight a pair of extremely unique trailers we’ve had in our line-up for years. Our “pup trailers” as they are affectionately referred to in our industry are custom made to Advance Relocation Systems’ specifications to go places where normal larger trailers cannot. In fact, we are the only mover that has this specialized equipment in the Maryland and D.C. area.

Our pup trailers were customized to allow us to meet the demand for very specialized moving requirements. Pup trailers are a great asset in terms of flexibility and efficiency. They’re most frequently used in urban areas with congested traffic, narrow roads (older cities) or really any place that hauling a full sized trailer is difficult. On their own, these trailers are already pretty great but what makes our pup trailers even more special are the additional features we designed them with. These trailers come liftgate equipped and with climate control features!

These pup trailers are so unique that most other moving companies don't even know about this type of equipment! There are only a handful of movers within the entire country that we're aware of that have these trailers.  Generally speaking, they like us have been around a long time and have larger fleets. Because they serve a multitude of moving needs (not just residential), our clients needs demanded the investment in trailers with very unique capabilities.  Our pup trailers have a 121 inch clearance through the rear door, which is a big deal because it makes it easier to load tall items into the trailers (specialized artwork, etc), which is better than using a straight truck. In fact, the entire artworld would benefit from using these types of trailers to transport their art...but sadly there are only so many pups to go around.

Speaking of fine art, Advance Relocation Systems has become one of the largest fine art movers in the USA. Investing in exclusive equipment, like our pup trailers, has enabled us to earn the trust of museums and exhibitors. We’ve done a lot of work for the annual art extravaganza, Art Basel Miami Beach and recently we delivered loads to the Frieze Los Angeles. Though we’ve had many jobs in the past where these trailer were helpful, our most thrilling experience goes to the time we collaborated with the National Zoo of DC to transport a tiger….yes, that’s right, a live tiger! Not sure if the tiger was happy about being moved, muchless in something called a “pup” but in the end it all worked out brilliantly.

The combination of our decades of experience and our specialized equipment has made us leaders and experts at handling your specialised transportation needs. Just to be clear, these trailers have found themselves useful in many tight places beyond the fine art world.  If you have a challenging move planned and think that these trailer may help be sure to contact us to find out how our pups can be of assistance.


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