Recognizing Dalton Conklin, Our Inspiring And Humble Leader Monday Feb 21, 2022

Recognizing Dalton Conklin, Our Inspiring And Humble LeaderThere’s an age-old debate about leaders being born and not bred. We may never know which is really true. In the case of Advance Relocations Systems’ president, Dalton Conklin, leadership is something that he excels at, so it just seems natural. On the occasion of Presidents Day, we recognize him and his vision to guide and grow our company since he took over in 1987.

Advance Relocations Systems is a renowned Atlas agent. With more than 50 years as an Atlas agent, this affiliation defines many aspects of who we are as a company. In light of this, we decided to speak to Barry Schellenberg, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines, to get his perspective of what makes Dalton a strong leader. Barry and Dalton have known each other for several years. 

Barry described Dalton as a problem-solver, who always strives for win-win situations. He is a leader and partner, who knows how to share his success and is willing to have the tough conversations needed to work through any issues.  

“Dalton is a very humble person. He has a very caring attitude and he's got a very customer-centric approach. So when he’s problem-solving, which all good leaders do, he’s always looking at it from the perspective of the customer's needs.” - Barry Schellenberg, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines 

Atlas Van Lines is really a network of family-run businesses with owner-operators throughout the U.S. Together, they form a powerful alliance of services, logistical expertise and warehousing support. Sharing decision-making, resources and responsibilities, they find solutions that put the customer first. Dalton recognizes the power of this. 

“...He recognizes the fact that sharing with his brother and sisterhood is a really important factor to continued success. When people are passionate about what they do, others believe in it as well.” - Barry Schellenberg, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines

A good leader has to be a good listener, a positive communicator, has to have vision, be able to make decisions and engage others in the execution of that vision. These are just some of the many qualities Dalton possesses. 

Feel free to reach out to connect with Dalton and the Advance Relocations Systems team at (410) 574-8900 or 

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