Skip The Summer Moving Crunch Move In The Fall! Monday Jun 18, 2018

Skip The Summer Moving Crunch Move In The Fall!Summer is the warmest season of the year and also the busiest moving season in the U.S. The kids are out from school and many people are on vacation so there hardly seems like a better time to make this big step. If you haven’t already booked a mover, finding one this late in the season will be quite difficult. It might be a better option to postpone your move and make it a fall move instead. Even if you find an available mover this close to the summer, their prices might be more than anticipated, and will definitely be more than what you’d pay to move any other time of the year. All of that said, here at Advance Relocation Systems, we are a much more diversified mover that moves military families, commercial clients, fine art and museum exhibits as well as handling household moves...and as such, unlike other movers that focus only on household residential moves, we may still have capacity to handle your move this summer while still offering you an affordable price.


Aside from the fact that it’ll be easier and more affordable to find a moving company, there are many benefits to moving during the fall. If you don’t have children who will need to be in the new house before the start of the school year, consider these advantages of a fall move:

  • You Pay Less
    You could end up paying up to 30% less for your move during the fall. Many movers drive up their prices during peak season due to lack of equipment. They sometimes end up having to rent equipment to handle all of their moves and this cost often ends up trickling down to you.


  • Cooler Weather
    It might actually surprise you how much easier it is to move when the weather is cooler. Without the sweltering heat, your movers increase their efficiency which is a win for you. Additionally, you’ll encounter less traffic which could cut your drive time down quite a bit.


  • More Options
    Movers won’t be in as high demand during the fall as they are during the summer. Less demand means you can not only expect better service but the choice of moving days and time slots will also play to your advantage. Enjoy the freedom of moving comfortably at a date and time of your choosing.


Moving in fall can actually end up saving you time and money. Whether it’s your home or office, a fall move can be easier on your wallet and save you a lot of the headache. If you’re planning a move, look no further than the moving company with over 75 years of moving experience. Over that time, we have become a one-stop shop for a variety of moving services. Whether you are moving throughout Maryland, across the United States, cross-border to Canada or Mexico, or around the world, we are your local moving and relocation experts.

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