The Corporate Relocation Headache. Wednesday May 16, 2018

The Corporate Relocation Headache.“Timing is everything”, or so they say. If you ask around, people will vehemently warn you against planning your corporate location in the summer, after all, that’s when most people are moving across America. But unlike most movers, Advance Relocation Systems has the resources to accommodate your corporate move any time of year because unlike most movers, our business is a healthy mix of corporate, military, trade shows, museum exhibits and more with residential of course but not as the main course.   We are simply larger and more diversified with dedicated resources for each type of move throughout the year.

At Advance Relocation Systems, we employ our years of experience, 79 to be exact, proven resources and an extensive Atlas network to put together a moving plan that works for you, earning our reputation as one of the best corporate movers in the country. Most movers have limited resources, so when you call them to book a summer corporate relocation, their resources have already been allotted to household/ residential moves. This supply and demand issue then leads to them charging you exorbitant prices for your relocation, or worse, your move gets pushed back a few weeks! At Advance Relocation Systems, we have a separate department dedicated to commercial moves, so you never feel that summer moving crunch with us.

Your corporate relocation policy will be our guide as we begin your moving process. In order to ensure that the move is hassle-free and stress-free for you and your employees, we aim to gain a clear understanding of your expectations of the process, and offer answers to your questions that are practical and within the bounds of your policy. We also continually seek new ways to help you make your policy cost-effective. The comfort of your employees during a move is a priority to us.

If you want to relocate your business this summer, save yourself the hassle and contact Advance Relocation Systems at (410) 574-8900. Our corporate relocation experts are excited to help your relocation program achieve its goals. Fill out our online quote form to request an estimate for our moving services. We would love to help you relocate!

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