We Went to Texas in the Name of Safety!

Safety is a critical aspect of operations for Advance Relocation Systems (ARS).

We Went To Texas In The Name Of Safety! Tuesday May 30, 2023

We Went To Texas In The Name Of Safety!Safety is a critical aspect of operations for Advance Relocation Systems (ARS). We implement many safety measures and protocols designed to benefit drivers, staff and clients, and we are always looking for ways to optimize our safety procedures. That's why we recently attended the SALTA Risk Mitigation meeting - to stay updated with the latest advancements in our industry.

The SALTA Risk Mitigation meeting was exclusive to the insurance captive that ARS is a part of. The captive is a semi, self-insured group including 26 Atlas® Van Lines agents, who focus on accident prevention and risk management. We hold each other accountable to ensure that everyone is safe, reducing high-risk and unsafe conduct. The SALTA Risk Mitigation Meeting aimed to review various procedures to help each member lower risk and increase safe practices. The event also included a presentation by the Atlas®Safety Director, who outlined the goals for their Safety Department and the new initiatives they have rolled out, including the Axikit app.  

Axikit is a new technology that ARS plans to implement in the next few weeks to protect our fleet drivers and company. We are currently in the learning and testing stage with the app but we expect it to be fully operational shortly. The Axikit Driver App helps drivers collect all of the information they'll need for risk control, compliance and insurance purposes straight from the accident scene. The reports are immediately sent to the Manager Dashboard, where one can easily view, search, print and more—streamlining when it matters most.

ARS was represented at the meeting by Amberly Strucko, our Safety Director, and Tyler Conklin, our Fleet Manager. As Amberly and Tyler attended the SALTA Risk Mitigation Meeting, they were able to hear some new safety practices other agents have begun to use successfully. They came away with great ways to engage crews and drivers to promote safety. 

“We've always been proactive. We do anything and everything to prevent accidents from happening, both with our vehicle fleet and our staff.” — Dalton Conklin, President, Advance Relocation Systems

Safety is paramount to us here at Advance Relocation Systems and we choose to be proactive about it. Over the years, we have implemented many safety measures that protect our drivers and ensure that our clients’ property is safe too. No matter what your needs may be, you can rely on ARS to safely meet your needs. Contact us.

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